Acts 26:1-18

Paul gives us a pattern here for sharing our faith. Everybody has a testimony, even if it isn’t miraculous like Paul’s! First, you share about what your life was like before Jesus. Next, you share how you came to believe in Jesus. Finally (as we’ll see tomorrow), you share what your life is like now that you know Jesus! If you’ve never thought about it before, I would encourage you to work on it and write it down so you can memorize it. We’re all called to be faithful with what we know, even though we might not be called to full-time Christian service.

Did you catch what Paul’s mission was (20:17-18)? It’s an incredible description of salvation! Believer’s eyes have been opened, we’ve been turned from darkness to light and the power of Satan to God. Our sins have been forgiven, we’ve been sanctified, and we’ve been given an inheritance. What a reason to celebrate!

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