Acts 25

Paul isn’t that important in the eyes of the Roman empire, but he still has rights. Although Festus wants to please the Jews, he won’t trample Paul’s rights as a Roman citizen, and it’s ultimately those rights that allow Paul to appeal to Rome for judgment. Agrippa is ruler over several territories, and Festus answers to him. When he comes to Caesarea and hears about Paul, he decides to hear the story for himself. Festus agrees, in part because he needs some clarification when he sends Paul to Rome. As it stands, the only thing Paul is guilty of is arguing with the Jewish leadership about religion, which is hardly a dispute to bring before the emperor!

I don’t know where you are reading this, but chances are it’s somewhere in North America, probably in the USA. While we may have a certain amount of dissatisfaction with our country, we can at least be thankful that we have a justice system, and that justice system ensures us that we have rights. There are many Christians around the world that live in countries that don’t afford them rights or religious freedoms. We need to make sure that we pray for them.

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