Acts 11

1-18: The Jewish believers in Jerusalem wanted to know why Peter was willing to eat with the uncircumcised, contrary to Jewish custom. Peter relays to them how God showed him not to show favoritism. They got the message immediately and recognized that, “God has granted the repentance that leads to live even to the Gentiles.

19-26: Next, the Jerusalem church hears how persecution has caused the gospel to spread to Antioch. They send Barnabas to check it out. Barnabas recognizes the work that God is doing in them, encourages them, and goes to find a “pastor” who would be uniquely qualified to minister to them. Barnabas and Saul minister there for a year, and this is the first time that believers are called Christians.

27-30: Finally, we see the care that the church continues to exhibit toward one another. The church in Jerusalem helps the church in Antioch spiritually, and the church in Antioch helps the church in Jerusalem financially. One part of the body provides what the other part needs. That’s the way it’s supposed to work!

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