How do we Handle the Horrible?
(A PG-13 rated sermon)
Esther 2:1-18

I) We are reminded of the problem of ___________________

     A)  Our introduction to the _______________ of the king

     B)  The ongoing ______________ of dealing with the king

     C)  The exploitation of young ___________

     D)  The exploitation of young __________

     E)  Exploitation _____________

          1) _____________

          2) _______ trafficking

II) We see the lengths people are driven to when _______________ themselves

     A) Hiding ____________ because of racism

     B) Adapting to ____________ circumstances to survive

III) How can we _______________ to the issues in our society?

     A) Don’t engage in activities that ____________ it

          1) _______________

          2) ___________ immorality

     B) __________ for the victims of it

     C) Be sensitive to God’s guiding for _______________

     D) Truly believe that God can bring good out of ___________

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