NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

“Do you do well to be angry?”

Jonah 4:1-11

I)  God _______ Jonah

II) Jonah ___________

III) Disobedience has _______________

IV) Jonah __________

V) God ___________

VI) Jonah ______________

VII) Nineveh _____________

VIII) God ___________!

IX) Jonah is _____________

     A) Angry at __________

     B) Angry at ___________________

     C) Angry at _____________

X) God ________________ Jonah

     A) Questions his ___________

     B) Tests his ___________

     C) Shows him a better _______!

XI) What does the Bible say about ___________?

     A) Watch out for _______________ anger

     B) Be ________ to anger in general

     C) Be careful of those who are ___________ angry

     D) Don’t let righteous anger __________

     E) Be ______________ and understanding

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