Sermon outline for 9/25/22 (Radio broadcast 10/2/22) — “Justice”

Esther 9:1-16

I) _______ did we get here?

II) Some people don’t _________ what happens here

III) But ___________ is served

IV) And the message of the __________ is one of justice

     A) All have __________

     B) Sin has ____________

V) _____________ there is a measure of justice in this life

VI) We _________ have to wait for justice

VII) But we can be certain that justice will eventually ___________

     A) In _______________

     B) With ______________

VIII) How should we ____________?

     A) With __________

     B) With ________________

     C) With ________________

Sermon outline for 8/28/22 (Radio broadcast 9/4/22) — “The Danger of Pride”

Esther 6:1-6:14

I) The definition of ____________

II) The ____________ of pride

     A) It is ___________

     B) It keeps us from __________

III) Examples of pride in _______________

IV) What does ____________ say makes us proud?

     A) ________________

     B) ________________

     C) ________________

     D) ________________

     E) ________________

     F) ________________

     G) ________________

     H) ________________

IV) What are the ___________ of pride?

     A) _____________

     B) _____________

     C) _____________

     D) _____________

V) What should make us ____________?

Sermon outline for 8/14/22 (Radio broadcast 8/21/22) — The Ministry of Intercession

“The Ministry of Intercession”
Esther 5:1-8

I) We are called on to intercede for others here on the ___________

II) We are called on to intercede for others before __________

     A) We can and do pray for _______________

     B) But we are also called to pray for ____________

     C) __________ is our greatest example for intercessory

     D) When we intercede we should be ____________

     E) When we intercede we should be ____________

III) We are called on to intercede for ________ before others

Sermon outline for 8/7/22 (Radio broadcast 8/14/22)

“Victory in Jesus”
Esther 4:8-16

I) Esther becomes a _________

II) Mordecai discovers a __________

III) __________ seeks to destroy all the Jews

IV) Mordecai asks ___________ to intervene

V) Esther is a _______________ of Jesus Christ

     A) Esther foreshadows Jesus’ willingness to ________

     B) Esther foreshadows Jesus’ ministry of ________________

     C) Esther foreshadows Jesus’ ministry of ________________

VI) Esther foreshadows the ______________ of God’s people

     A) Over ______________

     B) Over ______________

     C) Over ______________

     D) Over ______________

Sermon outline for 7/24/22 (Radio broadcast 7/31/22) — Esther 4:16

“God’s Call to Service”
Esther 4:16

I) God’s calling in _______________

     A) The call to _________________

     B) The call to __________________

     C) The call to __________________

     D) The call to __________________

          1) We’re all called to a _________________ of service

               i) We have a __________ calling

               ii) Our lives should be dedicated to __________

               iii) Our lives should be dedicated to God’s 

               iv) We have been created for good _____________

               v) God gives us ___________ to facilitate our 

          2) We’re sometimes called to a specific _________ of 

          3) Some of us are called to full time ______________ 

II) ______________ call to service and what it teaches us

     A) She is called to a _______________ act of service

     B) Her _________________ doesn’t disqualify her

          1) She’s in ________ company!

          2) ___________ can keep us from service

          3) _______________ can keep us from service

     C) She recognizes the _______________ of her service

          1) We need to recognize the importance of the 

          2) We need to acknowledge the importance of __________

     D) She commits herself fully to __________

Sermon outline for 7/17/22 (Radio broadcast 7/24/22) — Esther 4:1-17

“Blessed are those who mourn”
Esther 4:1-17

I) ________________ is a fact of life

     A) We mourn because of ________________

     B) We mourn because of the sin of _______________

     C) We mourn because of ____________

     D) We mourn because of our own ___________

II) ______________ likes to mourn

III) Mourning can lead to _______________

IV) Why is fasting ______________?

     A) Fasting implies _______________

     B) Fasting implies ___________

V) God’s people are always called to ___________

     A) A sample ______________

     B) The _____________ of prayer

Sermon outline for 7/10/22 (Radio broadcast 7/17/22) — Esther 3:1-15

Prejudice and Hate
Esther 3:1-15

I) Mordecai’s bad example of ______________

     A) Mordecai won’t bow to _______________

     B) Some think that it’s for _____________ reasons

     C) Seems to be rooted in ____________

II) Haman’s worse example of prejudice and __________

     A) Haman ___________

     B) Haman ___________

     C) Haman suggest ______________

     D) Antisemitism seems to be _____________

     E) But perhaps not ______________

III) Prejudice and hate aren’t restricted to ___________

IV) _____________ have to face it

V) But Christians shouldn’t ________________ in it

     A) We need to acknowledge the danger of _____________

     B) We need to remember that we’re all _______________

     C) We need to remember that _________ treats us all the same

     D) We need to remember that God calls us to __________

     E) We’re even called to love our _____________!

VI) We may also see a hint of  _________!

Sermon outline for 6/26/22 (Radio broadcast 7/2/22) — Esther 2:1-18

How do we Handle the Horrible?
(A PG-13 rated sermon)
Esther 2:1-18

I) We are reminded of the problem of ___________________

     A)  Our introduction to the _______________ of the king

     B)  The ongoing ______________ of dealing with the king

     C)  The exploitation of young ___________

     D)  The exploitation of young __________

     E)  Exploitation _____________

          1) _____________

          2) _______ trafficking

II) We see the lengths people are driven to when _______________ themselves

     A) Hiding ____________ because of racism

     B) Adapting to ____________ circumstances to survive

III) How can we _______________ to the issues in our society?

     A) Don’t engage in activities that ____________ it

          1) _______________

          2) ___________ immorality

     B) __________ for the victims of it

     C) Be sensitive to God’s guiding for _______________

     D) Truly believe that God can bring good out of ___________

Sermon outline for 6/19/22 (Radio broadcast 6/26/22) — Esther 1:13-2:4

What Should Marriage Look Like?
Esther 1:13-2:4

I) ________________ is not God’s Standard

     A)  The 1st marriage was performed by __________

     B) The 1st marriage was _________________

     C) The 1st marriage shows God’s ____________

     D) Recording facts does not imply _______________!

     E) Scripture talks about _____________ to protect women

     F) And ________ are warned against it

II) Adultery is ________________ Forbidden

III) Polygamy and Adultery are _________________

IV) What Should the ____________ Relationship Look Like?

     A)	There is a hierarchy in the ___________

     B) But with privilege comes _______________

     C) Men are to _______________ love their wives

     D) Women are to ___________ their husbands

          1) If you have to __________ respect you don’t have it

          2) Respect flows from the _____________ example of love

Sermon outline for 6/12/22 (Radio broadcast 6/19/22) — Esther 1:13-22

The Importance of Good Advice!
Esther 1:13-22

I) The _________ wasn’t wrong to seek advice

II But his _______________ left something to be desired

     A) There are lots of examples of _______ advice in the Bible

     B) Why is this ___________ bad?

          1) They _____________ the king by validating his 

          2) It is _______ serving

               i) They are concerned about their own _________

               ii) They may be concerned about their own 

          3) It encourages ___________

               i) By the interpretation of Persian _________

          4) It is the ______________ of what the Bible says we 
             should be looking for

III) What does __________ advice look like?

     A) It is _____________

     B) It is _________

     C) It is _______________

          1) The _____________ is our best counselor

          2) And the ___________ helps us to be discerning