Sermon Outline for 9/12/21 (Radio Broadcast 9/19/21) — “It’s a Matter of Trust!”

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
“It’s a matter of trust!”
Genesis 3:1-8

I) Is it a serpent or ______________?

II) What is Satan’s role as seen in ______________?

III) Where does Satan __________ from?

IV) Satan’s _____________ deception

     A) Starts with a _______________

     B) Does ________ give him an opening?

     C) Uses an ______________

     D) ___________ what God said

V) How does _______________ work in our own lives?

     A) Starts as a ___________

     B) Continues with a _______________

     C) Marinates in the _________

     D) Concludes with ________________

     E) Can seem to have some ______________

     F) Will always have _____________________

VI) What is the ____________?

Sermon Outline for 9/5/21 (Radio Broadcast 9/12/21)

Jesus Christ, Our Hope!
Haggai 2:20-23

I) Scripture is rooted in ________________

II) Divine ________________ is a reality

III) ________________ judgment is still coming

	A) It seems like _______________ is right around the

	B) But “_________ __________” is a prophetic formula

IV) Zerubbabel points to the ____________ we have in Christ

	A) He is a ____________ of hope

	B) He is a representative of the coming ________________

	C) ___________ is the fulfillment of that hope

	D) What is the _________ we have in Christ?

Sermon Outline for 8/29/21 (Radio Broadcast 9/5/21) — “Obedience or Consequences”

Obedience or Consequences!
Haggai 2:10-19

I) It’s important to look for _____________ in the right place!

II) Holiness can’t be _____________!

III) However ______________ can affect others!

IV) And ________________ can have long term effects 

V) So we should __________ carefully about our lives!

VI) Because God wants us to be _____________!

VII) And if we continue in obedience, we will be ______________!

Sermon Outline for August 22, 2021 (Radio Broadcast for August 29, 2021) — “God is Working Now!”

God is Working Now!
Haggai 2:1-9

I) The Background Reminds us of God’s __________________

II) The Problem: Focusing on the _________

III) God ______________ Them That He is still at Work!

IV) What Does the _______________ Mean?

V) What Can we ________ from this Passage? 

     A) Don’t pine for the _________

     B) Look for how God is ____________ now

     C) And be ____________ about His promises for the future!

     D) Do what needs to be ________ now!

     E) We should remember that _________ is with us!

     F) We should ___________ that God gives us peace!

Sermon Outline for 8/15/21 (Radio Broadcast 8/22/21) — “Putting God First!”

Putting God First 
Haggai 1:1-15

I) Israel’s History Speaks to God’s _________________!

II) God Continues to ___________ Out For His People

     A) Through ______________ leadership

     B) Through _______________ leadership

III) God Uses Haggai to ______________ the People

     A) Haggai warns the people are putting themselves ________
        and neglecting God

     B) The people respond with __________!

     C) God responds by ____________ the people!

     D) And they ________ God and start work on the temple!

IV) What Does This Teach Us?

     A) It’s very easy to put ourselves first

     B) Scripture reminds us to put God first!

     C) How do we do put God _________?

          1) Give our ___________ to God’s kingdom and God’s

          2) Give our ___________ to God’s kingdom and God’s

          3) Give our ___________ to God’s kingdom and God’s

          4) Use the Bible as our _____________

Sermon Outline for 8/8/21 (Radio Broadcast 8/15/21) — “Jesus is Enough!”

Jesus is Enough!
Galatians 6:11-18

I) Paul wants to make sure we understand his _________________

II) The _____________ of the false teachers – Jesus is not enough!

     A) You must be ___________________

     B) You must keep the __________

     C) They taught out of ____________

     D) They taught out of ____________

III) Our __________ – Jesus is enough!

     A) The _________ saves us!

     B) Not __________________

     C) Or ___________________

IV) We are ____________ when we realize that Jesus is enough

     A) We are new ____________ through the Spirit

     B) We are ______________ to the world

V) We have a new _______________ when we accept that Jesus is enough

     A) We are a part of the _____________ of God

     B) _____________ brings blessing

VI) ________________ is a badge of honor when Jesus is enough

VII) The _______________ for our lives when Jesus is enough

Sermon Outline for 8/1/21 (Radio Broadcast 8/8/21)

How Can I Live in the Spirit (Part 5)?
Spiritual Generosity
Galatians 6:6-10

I) Generosity is a hallmark of a ___________ filled life

II) We reap what we sow ________________

III) Because __________ is contrary to the Spirit!

IV) We are to ________________ in generosity

V) We should be ________________ to all

VI) With priority given to ________________

VII) And we should make sure to take care of ________________

A) Because they teach the ________!

B) And identify ______________ teaching

Sermon Outline for 7/25/21 (Radio Broadcast 8/1/21)

How Can I Live in the Spirit (Part 4)?
Living in Christian Community
Galatians 5:25-6:5

I) Assumption: Believers have the __________!

II) Question: How do we keep in ________ with the Spirit?

III) We stay in step with the Spirit by…

     A) Being ____________

     B) Getting ___________

     C) Being ___________

     D) Caring about _______________

          1) Not overlooking ___________

          2) But helping others _____________

          3) And realizing that we might be __________

          4) We are most like Jesus when we _________ one another

          5) __________ keeps us from love

     E) Engaging in self ________________

          1) We judge ourselves against the ____________

          2) Because we will have to give an ____________

Sermon Outline for 7/18/21 (Radio Broadcast 7/25/21) — Galatians 5:22-24

How Can I Live in the Spirit? (Part 3)
The Fruit of the Spirit
Galatians 5:22-24

I) What does the Holy Spirit ______________ in our lives?

     A) _______________

     B) _______________

     C) _______________

     D) _______________

     E) _______________

     F) _______________

     G) _______________

     H) _______________

     I) _______________

II) The ____________ does what the law cannot!

III) The Spirit provides the ____________ to live godly lives

Sermon Outline for 7/11/21 (Radio Broadcast 7/18/21) — Galatians 5:18-21

How Can I Live in the Spirit? (Part 2)
What not to do!
Galatians 5:18-21

I) We gave into sin before because it had __________ over us

II) We now have the power of the __________ to guide us

III) So we can live ___________ lives

     A) We can resist ____________ temptation

          1) God has a pattern for _____________

          2) The are some who want to __________ that

          3) Here we’re reminded to ________ away from:

               i) ___________________

               ii) ___________________

               iii) ___________________

     B) We can resist evil ______________ forces

          1) By putting __________ first

          2) By not engaging in ____________ practices

     C) We can behave properly towards _____________

          1) Don’t be ______________

          2) Don’t be ______________

          3) Don’t be ______________

          4) Don’t be ______________

          5) Don’t be _____________

          6) Don’t _____________

          7) Don’t be ______________

          8) Don’t be ______________

          9) Don’t be _____________

          10) Don’t be a ____________

          11) The list isn’t __________________!

IV) And God’s people will ____________ in being godly!