Sermon outline for 6/4/23 (Radio broadcast 6/11/23) — “Jesus as Savior and Judge”

“Jesus as Savior and Judge”
Revelation 1:4-8

I) The _________________ of Christian proclamation

     A) A _______________

     B) _______________

     C) Communicating ___________ and peace

II) ___________ do grace and peace come from?

     A) The _____________

     B) The _____________

     C) And the ________

          1) Who is ___________

          2) ___________

          3) And __________

III) Jesus ____________ grace and peace to us

     A) He __________ us

     B) He __________ us!

     C) And gives us a ______________

     D) So we ______________ Him!

IV) One day it will be _____ _______ to experience grace and peace

     A) Jesus will return ______________!

     B) He is revealed as _____________

     C) But He is coming as ____________

V) It will happen because God has ____________ it!

     A) He is _________________

     B) He is ___________________

     C) He is _________________

     D) And it is _____________!

Sermon outline for 5/28/23 (Radio broadcast 6/4/23) — “Be Ready!”

“Be Ready!”
Revelation 1:1-3, 9-11

I) The _________________ of Revelation

     A) Revelation is an “___________________”

     B) It is a ______________!

     C) And a _______________

II) The _______________ of Revelation

     A) From _______

     B) To _____________

     C) To an ____________

     D) To __________

     E) To the __________ churches

     F) To _______

III) The ______________ of Revelation

     A) We have _________ time indicators

     B) What do they ___________?

          1) That ___________ have already

          2) That events ___________ and continue
             until today?

          3) That evens will happen ____________ 
             when they start?

          4) That God has His own ______________?

          5) That we need to be _____________!

Sermon outline for 5/14/23 (Radio broadcast 5/21/23) — “Guidelines for life”

“Guidelines for Life”
Ephesians 6:18-24

I) Paul reminds us of the importance of ________________

     A) We should use every __________________ we 

     B) We need to pray for all the ____________

     C) We need to pray for those in ______________ 

     D) We need to pray for those who spread the 

II) Paul reminds us that we need ___________ in ministry

     A) Paul recognizes _______________

     B) Paul had lots of _________!

     C) The Spirit’s _____________ forces us to 
        seek help

III) Paul reminds us of the characteristics that should __________________ us

     A) ___________

          1) We _________ peace

          2) We are to _________ in peace

     B) _____________

          1) We show our love though ____________

          2) We show our ___________ through love

     C) _____________

          1) We __________ grace

          2) We ________ because of grace

          3) Our ___________ flows out of grace

Sermon outline for 5/7/23 (Radio broadcast 5/14/23) — “Spiritual Warfare”

“Spiritual Warfare”
Ephesians 6:10-20

I) We live in a ___________ world

II) Evil _____________ forces want us to fail

III) We are _________

IV) But God is ____________

V) Which is why we need His ______________

VI) It starts with ______________

VII) We try to be ____________

VIII) We live with ____________

IX) We have _________________  

X) We rely on the __________

XI) We __________

Sermon outline for 4/30/23 (Radio broadcast 5/7/23) — “Being Wise at Work”

“Being Wise at Work”
Ephesians 6:5-9

I) ____________ in the New Testament Era

     A) Not based on ________

     B) Slavery encompassed many different 

     C) Emancipation was ______________

     D) Slavery was recognized as a _________ of 

     E) Even as Paul recognizes that it could be 

     F) Our passage can teach us something about 

          1) Do __________

          2) Whatever your ____________

          3) Because _______ is paying attention

II) Advice for ________________

     A) Obey your boss because _________ wants you 

     B) Obey your boss the way you ________ God

     C) Make sure you have the right ______________

     D) Make sure you have the right ______________

III) Advice for ________________

     A) Treat you employee the way you would treat 

     B) Be __________

     C) Your ______________ won’t earn you any 
        favor with God!

Sermon outline for 4/23/23 (Radio broadcast 4/30/23) — “Being Wise Parents and Children”

“Being Wise Parents and Children”
Ephesians 6:1-4

I) Young children should __________ their parents

II) All children should ____________ their parents

     A) Honor is __________________

     B) But it brings a ______________

III) Parents are the ones primarily _______________ for their 
children’s upbringing

IV) Parents shouldn’t _____________ their children

     A) By not _______________

     B) By ____________ discipline

     C) By _____________

     D) By being overly ________________

     E) By showing ________________

     F) By being _________________

V) Parents should _____________ their children

     A) Discipline brings ______________

     B) Discipline avoids _________________

VI) Parents should ______________ their children

     A) Parents must __________ God’s Word

     B) Parents must __________ God’s Word

Sermon outline for 4/16/23 (Radio broadcast 4/23/23) — “Marriage”

Ephesians 5:22-33

I) God is ______________ throughout His Word

     A) He _____________ marriage

     B) He _____________ marriage

     C) He made it _________________

     D) He doesn’t ____________

II) The ____________ of our passage

     A) Paul teaches that we are ______________ by 
        the Spirit in Christ

     B) Because of that strengthening, we can grow 
        to ____________

     C) Kindness, compassion, and __________ are 
        example of maturity

     D) ___________ living is an example of 

     E) Which is displayed in ______________

III) Marriage is ________________

     A) Men and women are _______________

     B) They have different ________ in marriage

     C) Wives submit to their husbands as 
        ___________ of the family

     D) Husbands _________ their wives and provide 
        for them

          1) ______________

          2) ______________

          3) ______________

     E) ______ aspects represent the relationship 
        between Christ/church

IV) Marriage is a picture of __________

     A) Our ____________ to Him

     B) His _______________ over us

     C) His __________ of us

Sermon outline for 4/2/23 (Radio broadcast 4/9/23) — “A Savior for Everyone”

“A Savior for Everyone”
John 12:12-33

I)  The people misunderstand Jesus’ _____________

     A) They want Him as a ___________

     B) He comes as the prince of ______________

II) What other ways do people ___________________ who Jesus is?

     A) ___________/blasphemer

     B) ___________/miracle worker

     C) _____________

     D) Great __________ teacher

     E) ____________/spiritual guru

     F) _____________

     G) _____________

III) The _____________ helps people to understand

IV) The leaders are unintentionally ______________

V) Jesus ______________ His death

VI) Jesus reveals the essence of _____________

     A) _______________ yourself

     B) ____________ Him

     C) Receive ___________

VII) Jesus ______________ to God’s plan

VIII) Because it brings God _________!

     A) Glory through the judgement of the 

     B) Glory because ___________ is cast out

     C) Glory because Jesus is ______________

     D) Glory because people are _____________

Sermon outline for 3/26/23 (Radio broadcast 4/2/23) — “The Call to Wise Living”

“The Call to Wise Living”
Ephesians 5:15-21

I)  We need to live wisely because we are racing against the _____________

     A) We are to “______ up the time”

     B) Because the ________ is approaching

     C) And people so easily ________________

     D) So we need to live as ______________ as possible

II) Wise living means paying attention to ________ Word

     A) How do we know the _______ of God?

     B) Through the ___________!

III) Wise living means being _____________ by the Spirit

     A) __________ = controlled

     B) It’s a ______________

     C) It’s a _____________ process

     D) It’s different from the “____________” of the Spirit

     E) How do we display being ___________?

          1) By encouraging each other through 

          2) By expressing __________________

          3) By ______________ to one another

               a) In our general _____________

               b) By our willingness to ______________

Sermon outline for 3/19/23 (Radio broadcast 3/26/23) — “Walking in the Light”

“Walking in the Light”
Ephesians 5:8-14

I)  We were ___________

II) We are now ____________

     A) __________ is light

     B) The ____________ brings light

     C) The ____________ gives us light

     D) Our essential nature is ___________

III)  Which changes the way we ___________

IV)  We are to be like _________!

     A) God is good, righteous, and __________

     B) So we are to do ___________

     C) We are to be ___________

     D) And we are to live with _______________

V) Which requires some _________________

     A) The _________ does show us how to live

     B) But sometimes we need ________________!

     C) And we need to be careful with 

VI) Discernment can lead to __________________

     A) We are talking about _____________

     B) We are called to __________ sinful behavior

     C) We do it to be ___________, not hurtful