Sermon outline for 2/5/23 (Radio broadcast 2/12/23) — “God Saves and Rewards His People”

“God Saves and Rewards His People!”
Psalm 68

I) God’s _________________ on display

     A) He is sovereign over _________________

     B) He is sovereign over His ______________

     C) He is sovereign over His ________________

          1) They _________ Him

          2) They will be ______________ by Him

II) His people’s _____________ to His sovereignty

     A) ________________

     B) ________________

     C) ________________

III) Paul reveals that the Psalm teaches us something about 

     A) Paul ___________ from Psalm 68:18

     B) He implies that Jesus is ______________

     C) It shows that Jesus gives ____________ to 
        His people

          1) The ______________ can be understood 
             this way

          2) Certain ________________ view it that 

          3) Verse ________ supports this 

          4) The __________ wants us to understand 
             it this way!

IV) We should respond with _____________ and praise

V) We worship and praise Him today for the gift of _______________

Sermon outline for 1/29/23 (Radio broadcast 2/5/23) — “How to Live in Community”

“How to Live in Community!”
Ephesians 4:1-6

I) We are called to _______ ___________ in the community of faith

     A) God has brought us _______________

     B) So we need to treat each other 

     C) It’s a part of our ______________

     D) And it’s _____________!

II) _______ should we treat each other in the community of faith?

     A) We are to be ______________

     B) We are to be ______________

     C) We are to be ______________

     D) We are to be ______________

     E) We are to be ______________

III) Our _________ is a reflection of what we believe!

     A) There are no _____________ or ethnic
        divisions in the church

     B) We are all led by the same ____________

     C) We all have the same ___________

     D) We all follow the same ________ Jesus

     E) We all ___________ there is only one way to
        be saved

     F) We are all ____________ by the same

     G) We are all ____________ for the Father’s

Sermon outline for 1/15/23 (Radio broadcast 1/22/23) — “Paul Shows us How to Pray”

“Paul Shows us How to Pray”
Ephesians 3:14-21

I) The revelation of God’s ____________ should move us to pray

     A) When we pray we should recognize God’s 

     B) When we pray we should recognize God’s 

     C) Our new __________ gives us great 
        opportunities for prayer

II) How should we pray for other ______________?

     A) We pray for them to be _______________ by 
        the Spirit

          1) That we even have the Spirit is a 
             testimony to God’s _______

          2) The Spirit enables us to live the 
             Christian __________

     B) We pray for them to allow _________ to have 

     C) We pray for them to understand the 
        greatness of God’s _______

     D) We pray for them to obtain spiritual 

III) Prayer should move us to ____________

     A) God is ___________ than we can imagine

     B) God is ____________ in His dealings with us

     C) God’s glory is on display in _____________

     D) God’s glory is on display in the _________

Sermon outline for 1/8/23 (Radio broadcast 1/15/23) —

“God’s mystery is a witness to His grace!”
Ephesians 3:1-13

I) ____________ is an example of God’s grace

     A) Paul had a _____________ conversion and 

     B) Paul was given a special _______________

          1) A ______________ was revealed to Him

               i) It was not the mystery of the 

               ii) It was not the mystery of the 

               iii) It was not the mystery of the 
             iv) It was the mystery of ____________

          2) Paul was the apostle to the __________

               i) He is a ________ of God’s grace

               ii) He is a ____________ preaching 
                   the riches of Christ

               iii) He didn’t deserve God’s _______

               iv) So he’s ok ______________ 
                   suffering and persecution

               v) Are _________?

II) We are examples of _____________ in both the physical and spiritual realms

     A) Christ’s ____________ was not an accident

     B) Both Jew and ______________ have access to 

     C) God’s grace is even an example in the 
        spiritual ______________

     D) And it’s an awesome ______________ to the 

Sermon outline for 1/1/23 (Radio broadcast 1/8/23) — “We’re all in this together!”

“We’re all in this together!”
Ephesians 2:11-22

I) Being Jewish had _______________

     A) They knew _________

     B) They were a part of a ________________

     C) They inherited God’s ______________

     D) They were looking for a ________________

     E) They had _________

II) As good as that was, it still wasn’t ____________

III) We all need _____________

     A) His blood gives us access to __________

     B) He gives us ___________

     C) He makes us _________

     D) He gives us the ____________

IV) We are a new ________________

     A) We are a ____________

     B) We are a ______________

     C) We are a ______________

          1) Jesus is our ______________

          2) The apostles and prophets are our 
        3) We are the _____________

     D) We are God’s _____________

Sermon Outline for 12/25/22 (Radio Broadcast 1/1/23) — “The Good News”

“The Good News!”
Luke 2:8-20

I) God’s ______________ announcement

     A) The _________________ wasn’t to:

          1) _____________ leadership

          2) _____________ leadership

          3) _____________ leadership

     B) The announcement was to ______________!

          1) Poorly _______________

          2) Poorly _______________

          3) Worked ______________

          4) Couldn’t follow the _________

          5) ____________

     C) We see a foreshadowing of Jesus’ ______________

II) Jesus’ surprising ________________

     A) He came to be our _______________

     B) He came to be our _______________

     C) He came to be our _______________

III) How should we _____________?

     A) _____________

     B) _____________

     C) _____________

     D) _____________

Sermon outline for 12/18/22 (Radio broadcast 12/25/22) — “Made Alive for a Purpose!”

Made Alive for a Purpose!
Ephesians 2:1-10

I) We were ________________!

     A) We were _________ in trespasses and sin

          1) Dead to __________

          2) Dead to __________

          3) Dead people can’t ___________ themselves

     B) We followed the _____________

     C) We followed _____________

     D) We followed _____________

     E) We were under ___________________

     F) This is the way the _____________ world is

II) We are now truly ________________!

     A) God ______________ for us

     B) He makes us _____________

     C) He makes us ______________

     D) It’s all because of His ______________

     E) There is _______________ we can do to earn it 

     F) It’s a _____________

     G) And we become examples of God’s _____________ forever

III) And we can now _________ for God

     A) God _______________ us through His Spirit

     B) And we can now do good ___________

     C) __________ are they?

Sermon outline for 12/11/22 (Radio broadcast 12/18/22) — “Intercessory Prayer”

Intercessory Prayer!
Ephesians 1:15-23

I) Be a reason for others to give ____________

     A) Because of our ___________ in the Lord

     B) Because of our ________ for the saints

II) Be the type of person who prays and give thanks for ____________

III) We need to pray for the _____________, not just the physical in other people’s lives

     A) Pray for them to have a deeper 
        understanding of ____________

     B) Pray for them to experience the 
        ________ that comes from knowing Him

     C) Pray for them to understand the 
        _________ He has for them

     D) Pray for them to realize the __________ 
        of God at work in them

IV) _______ can we know that God has the power to do all of this?

     A) He ___________ Jesus from the dead

     B) He ___________ Him at the right hand

     C) He put all things in ___________ to Him

     D) He made Him the head of the ___________

V) Praying for others is one way we represent _________ in the world

Sermon Outline for 12/4/22 (Radio Broadcast 12/11/22) — “Praise God for the Gift of the Spirit”

Praise God for the Gift of the Spirit!
Ephesians 1:3-14 (13-14)

I) The __________ guides us to belief

II) When we believe we receive the ______________

     A) The Spirit was promised in the

     B) The Spirit was promised by ________________

          1) The Spirit ______________

          2) The Spirit _______________

          3) The Spirit is promised to be with us     

III) The Spirit promises us an _____________________

     A) He ____________ us

     B) He is our __________________________

IV) Our full inheritance is _________________

     A) We look forward to a new _____________
        and ____________

     B) We look forward to new ______________

     C) We look forward to new ______________

     D) We look forward to seeing ____________

V) We praise God because of His _______________!

Sermon outline for 11/27/22 (Radio broadcast 12/4/22) — “God’s Plan for the Ages”

God’s Plan for the Ages
Ephesians 1:3-14 (7-10)

I) Praise God for His ________________

II) Praise God for His ________________

III) Praise God for His _______________

IV) Praise God for His __________________

     A) God has a ___________

     B) He ____________ it to us

     B) He is going to ___________ all things in 

          1) He will unite ____________ to Himself

          2) He will unite ________ and __________

          3) He will unite a broken ______________

     C) It will happen in His _____________