Sermon outline for 5/15/22 (Radio broadcast 5/22/22) — “Looking for the Good in Life”

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

“What then?” – Looking for the Good in Life!

Philippians 1:12-17

I) Paul could have _________________

     A) He dealt with _____________ limitations

     B) He dealt with ministry _______________

     C) He dealt with unknown _____________ issues

     D) He dealt with 20 years of physical ________________

     E) He was currently in _____________

     F) He was dealing with ministry _____________

II) Instead, Paul chose to _____________!

     A) He was able to witness to the _____________

     B) He was able to witness to the Jewish _______________

     C) He had Gentile _______________

     D) He encouraged ____________ to witness by his attitude and obedience

     E) He encouraged others to preach out of ______________!

III) How can we respond to adversity with __________?

     A) We understand that God uses adversity to teach us to __________ on Him

     B) We understand that God uses adversity to help us to ____________

     C) We understand that God uses adversity to teach us _______________

     D) We understand that God uses adversity to accomplish His _____________

Sermon outline for 5/8/22 (Radio broadcast 5/15/22) — “An excellent wife, who can find?”

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
“An excellent wife, who can find?”
Proverbs 31:10-31

I) A defense of Biblical ______________

     A) Many people want to make specific issues in the Bible       

     B) But then what do we do about the ________________?

     C) A simpler approach is to stay true to Biblical

II) Some _____________ insights regarding an excellent woman

     A) She is ________

     B) She is _____________

     C) She embraces ________________ roles

     D) Her “household” duties include ________________

III) Some _____________ insights from an excellent woman

     A) We should be hard _________________

     B) We should take care of our _______________

     C) We should be _____________

     D) We should be _________________

     E) We should be _______________

     F) We should be __________

     G) We should be __________

     H) We should be ____________

IV) The ___________ for being an excellent person



Sermon outline for 5/1/22 (Radio broadcast 5/8/22) — “What shall a man give in return for his soul?”

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
“What shall a man give in return for his soul?”
Matthew 16:21-26

I) God uses suffering to bring _____________

     A) Jesus reveals God’s __________

     B) God’s plan includes ______________

     C) God’s plan includes _____________

II) We often don’t like or understand God’s ____________

     A) The disciples were ________________

     B) Peter actually ____________ Jesus!

     C) Jesus confronts _____________

          1) Calls him ____________!

          2) Peter isn’t thinking ________________

III) Especially when they involve ________

     A) Following Jesus means denying ___________

     B) Following Jesus means experiencing _______________

     C) Following Jesus brings ___________!

          1) ____________ life

          2) ____________ life

     D) Following Jesus brings _____________

          1) _____________

          2) _____________

Sermon outline for 4/24/22 (Radio broadcast 5/1/22) — “Why do you speak to them in parables?”

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

“Why do you speak to them in parables?”

Matthew 13:1-23

I) The ________________

II) The ______________

     A) Parable means “to _________ alongside”

     B) A parable doesn’t ___________ itself

     C) _______________ are used for explanation

     D) Parables can be ______________!

III) The ____________ behind parables

     A) People aren’t ready to ______________

     B) And it’s ___________ been that way

     C) The word of life becomes a word of __________

     D) Because we need _________ to believe

IV) The _________________

     A) The seed is the _________ of God

     B) The seed is useless unless if falls on the right kind of _________

     C) There are ________ kinds of soil/hearts

          1) Some have __________________ hearts

          2) Some have ______________ hearts

          3) Some have _________________ hearts

          4) Some have _________________ hearts

V) The ________________

     A) God must do a work in our lives for _________________

     B) God continues to do a work in our lives for _________________

     C) Do we have any _________ to play in the process?

Sermon outline for 4/17/22 (Radio broadcast 4/24/22)

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?”
Romans 8:31-39

I) Paul bases his argument on God’s _______________

     A) We are _____________ of our sin

     B) We have __________ with God

     C) We have been set free from the power of ________

     D) The Holy Spirit now __________ us

     E) We have been ____________ by God

     F) Greater glory ____________!

II) Since ________ is for us, who can be against us?

III) God proved His love for us by giving His __________

     A) We are ____________

     B) We are _______________

     C) We are _______________

          1) Jesus died on the cross for our __________

          2) His ________________ shows He can give new life

          3) He was ______________ to show His power and

          4) He now _____________ with God on our behalf

IV) What can ____________ us from His love?

     A) ____________!

     B) Everyone _________

     C) But true believers _______________!

V) What else do we ____________ over?

     A) A believer will persevere in _________ and life

     B) A believer will persevere over angels and _____________

     C) A believer will persevere in the present and the

     D) A believer will persevere over earthly _________________

     E) A believer will persevere over ________________

     F) A believer will persevere over ________________!

Sermon outline for 4/10/22 (Radio broadcast 4/17/22)

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
“How then should the Scriptures be fulfilled?”
Matthew 26:47-56

I) Judas’ ____________ teaches us something about the church

	A) Some people can ________ the part

	B) But they are just _______________

	C) Some will be ______________ in this life

	D) Some won’t be revealed until _______________

II) Jesus shows us that we still follow God when it’s ___________

	A) Everything that happened was _______________

	B) But He could have ___________ it at any time

	C) He even understood how ______________ it would be

	D) Yet He still followed ________

	E) We need to have that same ____________

III) Jesus reminds us of the importance of _______________

	A) It’s not just that everything was ________________

	B) It’s that Jesus ______________ fulfilled it

	C) Which shows us the high __________ we should have for 

IV) The disciples warn us that there are other types of _____________

	A) Jesus had _________ them

	B) They _____________ that they would not leave Him

	C) They _________

	D) But it wasn’t _________________

	E) How often do we do the ___________?

Sermon outline for 4/3/22 (Radio Broadcast 4/10/22) — “Is it I?”

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

“Is it I?”

Matthew 26:17-30

I)  The __________________ for the Passover

     A) What is the _____________?

     B) How is it ______________?

     C) Why is it _________?

II)  The _________________ of the betrayal

     A) The disciples are _____________

     B) Jesus reminds them that this is God’s __________

     C) Judas attempts to cover his ___________

III) The _________________ of the Lord’s Supper

     A) Jesus foreshadows His __________

     B) Jesus reveals the ____________

     C) Jesus gives them a _____________

IV) What does it __________ us for today?

     A) Serves as a remind of God’s ________________

     B) Reminds us of the reality of human ________________

     C) Shows us the importance of obedience and _______________

     D) Provides an illustration of God’s __________

Sermon outline for 3/28/22 (Radio broadcast 4/3/22) — “Do you do well to be angry?”

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

“Do you do well to be angry?”

Jonah 4:1-11

I)  God _______ Jonah

II) Jonah ___________

III) Disobedience has _______________

IV) Jonah __________

V) God ___________

VI) Jonah ______________

VII) Nineveh _____________

VIII) God ___________!

IX) Jonah is _____________

     A) Angry at __________

     B) Angry at ___________________

     C) Angry at _____________

X) God ________________ Jonah

     A) Questions his ___________

     B) Tests his ___________

     C) Shows him a better _______!

XI) What does the Bible say about ___________?

     A) Watch out for _______________ anger

     B) Be ________ to anger in general

     C) Be careful of those who are ___________ angry

     D) Don’t let righteous anger __________

     E) Be ______________ and understanding

Sermon outline for 3/20/22 (Radio broadcast 3/27/22

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!

Recognizing False Teachers

Matthew 7:15-23

I)  Beware false ______________!

     A) Prophets are more frequently ________-tellers

     B) False teachers are ____________

     C) False teachers are ____________

II)  How do we _______________ false teachers?

     A) We know them by their ____________

     B) 1st fruit: ______________ and conduct

          1) They are ____________

          2) They are ____________

          3) They are ____________

          4) They are ____________

          5) They rebel against ________

          6) They ignore the Word of __________

     C) 2nd fruit: ______________

          1) They don’t __________ to the truth

          2) What __________?

               a) The truth about ______________

               b) The truth about ______________

               c) The truth about ______________

     D) 3rd fruit: their _______________

III)  How do we ______________ to false teachers?

IV) What is the _______ of false teachers?

Sermon Outline for 3/13/22 (Radio Broadcast 3/20/22) — “The Prayer God Answers”

NOT all the Questions in the Bible!
The Prayer God Answers
Matthew 7:7-11

I) The context gives us clues for _________________

     A) The Sermon on the Mount seems _______________!

     B) Can’t do it without ___________ help

     C) We ask God for _________, not necessarily things

     D) Passage is primarily _____________ in application

II)  Four ____________about prayer

     A) We need to be _____________ (Ask)

     B) It’s about the ________________ (Seek)

     C) We need to be _________________ (Knock)

     D) God answers prayers out of His ____________

III) A ______________ regarding prayer

     A) We frequently _________________ Scripture

     B) God gives us other __________________ for prayer

     C) Can’t ask out of ___________________

     D) Need to be ________________

     E) Must have _________

     F) Must ask according to God’s __________