Jesus is Enough!
 Galatians 1:6-9
 I) Paul Has a Normal Way He Writes ____________
      A) He writes an ________________
      B) His introduction includes ___________ that he develops 
      C) He writes a _________
      D) He writes a ______________
 II) But He ____________ it Here
 III) Why is Paul so ________________?
      A) Because they were called in ____________
      B) But they are turning ___________
      C) And turning towards a ____________, that really is no 
         gospel at all
 IV) What is the ______________?
      A call to return to the __________
 V) How ____________ is It?
      A) It doesn’t matter what your ____________ are, false 
         teaching is false teaching
      B) And false teachers face ______________!
 VI) What is the ___________ to Us Today?
      A) We need to be on the lookout for __________ teaching
      B) Because there are still people who ___________ the 
         gospel today
      C) Does Paul show us the way to ___________ false teaching?
      D) We also need to understand how “works” ________
           1) We are saved through __________
           2) We are _____________ by the Spirit
           3) We do _______ for God
           4) But it’s a ___________ to His love, not a 
              requirement to keep it

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