Genesis 18-20.

Two things stand out to me. Both Sarah and Abraham doubt God. Sarah doubts that she can get pregnant, and Abraham doubts that God can protect him when he is in Gerar. Even in the midst of that, God is EXTREMELY merciful to them. Abraham is especially confounding, because he exhibits such care, compassion, and trust in God when he pleads for Sodom and Gomorrah. What a reminder of our own issues! One minute trusting and the next living in fear…

And an underlying theme of the entire passage is sexual immorality (remember, even Sarah back in Genesis 16 sent Abraham in to her servant so that he could father a child). Every day we pick up the news and read of teachers sleeping with students, of married couples cheating on one another, of children being molested, and of rapes. It shouldn’t surprise us. It’s been around forever because it is a part of human nature. However, we as Christians are called to be better, and we have been given the power to be better through God’s Word and God’s Spirit!

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