How Should a Christian Respond to End of Life Issues?
 Genesis 9:5-6
 I) Taking someone else’s life is ______________ in Scripture
      A) ____________ is wrong
      B) _____________________, although different, is still 
           1) Even when it affects the ____________
      C) ______________ murder is condemned too!
 II) What about taking your __________ life?
      A) There are __________ instances of suicide in the Bible
           1) One is an act of __________
           2) Two are out of _________
           3) The other four are out of _______________
 III) Are there guidelines in Scripture that address ____________?
      A) We are encouraged to not _________ in to despair or fear 
           1) God is in ___________
           2) God promises to help us through our _____________
           3) God promises to bring __________ out of bad 
 IV) What does this __________ for us?
      A) We realize that life is ____________
      B) And it shouldn’t ________ prematurely
      C) However, we can ______________ that there is “allowing 
         life to take it’s course”
      D) Because, as ______________, we shouldn’t be afraid to 
      E) We can _____________ the AMA’s refusal to endorse 
      F) But continue to be opposed to _____________ in any form 

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