Please don’t forget about our upcoming mission’s luncheon on June 7th.  Paul and Christina Eckhoff will be sharing with us as we enjoy our potluck lunch.  I’m looking forward to sampling all of the dishes!

Also, Dan Utley will be with us on July 5th to talk about his new ministry direction.  He is now working with SCORE International to help churches in the U.S. to build relationships with churches in other countries.  One way that he helps is by arranging mission trips to other countries.

Dan has some openings for a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in August (8-15).  The purpose of the trip is to “minister to Dominican churches, missionaries, and people through service, encouragement and authentic love.” The basic cost for the trip is $1495,  and you must have a valid passport and have your polio and tetanus shots up to date.  Please let me know if you need Dan’s contact information.

Even if you can’t go on the trip, you can still help.  Dan is asking that we collect coloring books, crayons, small bottles of bubbles, Spanish Tracts, children’s clothing, small toys, and stuffed animals.  He’ll be able to pick it all up when he is here in July.  He is also looking for monetary gifts to take with him in order to purchase food items to distribute to poor families in the Sugarcane Villages.

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