I saw several people pick up a copy of the church covenant from the back table this past Sunday.  I’ve mentioned it on my pastor’s blog, but I thought that I would also take this opportunity to let you know what’s up for the rest of the summer.

For several years now the elder board has been talking about our church and its identity.  As you know, there is a lot of talk about vision statements, mission statements, and core values in our society today.  In trying to wrestle with these ideas/issues, we discussed different ways of approaching the questions, and even went so far as to start the “envisioning” process from scratch.  However, numerous obstacles arose.  Last year Herb Moen pointed out that we did have a church covenant that could form the basis for our discussion. What a concept!  Especially considering some of the literature out there that talks about the importance of an organization’s DNA and how difficult it can be to change it.

So we looked at the covenant, and came up with what we think is a good document that is more contemporary and sums up our core values as a church.  We’re going to spend the next couple of months studying it on Sunday morning, and then we’re going to have an opportunity to discuss it together and vote on it at a church business meeting.  I’ve attached both covenants as a word file, and here is the sermon schedule for the summer (the titles may change, but the idea’s won’t):

June 7  “Proverbs on Age”

June 14  “Proverbs on Drinking”

June 21  “Proverbs on Parenting”

June 28  “Why Church Membership?”

July 5   “The Basis for Church Membership”

July 12  “Why Believer’s Baptism?”

July 19  “Why a Covenant, Anyway?”

July 26  “The Importance of Being a Caring Community”

August 2  “The Importance of Personal and Family Devotions”

August 9   “The Importance of Corporate Worship”

August 16   “The Importance of Persistent Evangelism”

August 23   “The Importance of Systematic Giving”

August 30   “The Importance of Ethical Living”

Sept. 6   “The Importance of Ongoing Discipleship”

We also have some neat ideas/programs for this fall, so stay tuned for more!  And take a moment to look around on Sunday morning.  There are a lot of new faces that we need to welcome.  Your next best friend my be sitting near you (per Sunday’s sermon!).

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