Acts 9:1-22

We see both sides of the equation here. God doesn’t need to use us to accomplish His purposes. He reveals Himself to Saul supernaturally, even blinding him for a time. But then He uses Ananias to heal Saul. Why? We can envision some practical reasons for it, including the fact that this introduces the idea to the Christian community that Saul can now be trusted! But couldn’t God reveal that supernaturally as well? Perhaps this is once again a reminder that God wants to use us in the work of His kingdom. Amazing, right! We just have to be willing to be obedient to experience the blessing. Ananias reminds me a little bit of Moses here: “Are you sure about this God?” But he ultimately is obedient!

And what about the change that happened to Saul? Even without the supernatural elements, have you ever experienced that type of change in someone? Maybe it even happened to you! The work of God’s Spirit in someone’s life should never be discounted or degraded!

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