Matthew 16-19 (The Daily Walk Bible).

When Jesus said, “some of you standing here right now will not die before you see me…coming in my kingdom” (16:28), the disciples themselves seem to connect it with the transfiguration, which immediately follows.

Peter is so human in 17:25! I do think that the NLT probably catches the sense of the passage here. He defends Jesus before he knows the answer!

Sin is not only horrible because it can keep us from God, it’s also horrible when we treat it so casually that we end up causing others to think it’s no big deal (18:7).

We see Jesus repeatedly alluding to his upcoming death in these chapters. First, Peter rebukes him. Next, it just says that his disciples are filled with grief. They still don’t get it, but they understand that something significant is coming! They just can’t grasp the idea of the resurrection…

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