Deuteronomy 8-11 (The Daily Walk Bible).

The devotional today could be misconstrued to be a “name it claim it” type of exercise. “Are there giants in your life? You can slay them!” But there is a key word that you might have missed. The devotional says, “What impossible situation seems to stand in the way of your spiritual progress?”

God promised the Israelites a land and a heritage. They were foolish not to trust Him, and foolish to cower in fear. When we think about out own lives, we have to realize that God doesn’t promise that we can have anything we want. What He does promise is that there are certain spiritual blessings that we can experience in our lives if we just trust Him to provide!

For example, in James 4:7 we read, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” That’s a promise. It’s ours. We just have to follow God’s instructions. When we do, we will receive the spiritual blessing that he promises us!

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