Summer is always a busy time at First Baptist, and this year is no exception!  We just had a marvelous Vacation Bible School, with an uptick in attendance from last year.  A very special thank you to everyone who participated.  Our special showing of “I Can Only Imagine” went well, and we have restarted our Sunday night Bible study time.  God is good!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed and appreciated the new padding and covering on the pews!  The trustees will be very busy this summer completing the following projects:

  • The nursery remodel will commence shortly. It will consist of enlarging the nursery, rewiring the electrical, installing new lights, replacing the ceiling, fixing the plumbing, laying new flooring, and building new cabinets and cupboards.
  • The ceiling in the food pantry will be fixed.
  • New carpeting will be installed in one of the children’s classrooms.
  • The floor in the main entrance will be leveled and the carpeting replaced.
  • The red accent carpeting on the platform in the sanctuary will be replaced.
  • The new shed for outdoor storage is in process and should be complete by September.

The first three Bridges events are in the books, and the season is going well.  However, I would also like to take this opportunity to make a plea for additional volunteers.  We need people who are willing to provide transportation to the events, and we still need additional help with the American connection program.  If you can help in any capacity please let the office know and we will connect you with the right person.

Finally, as we get ready to celebrate our cherished freedom as a country, we should not forget the freedom that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We have been set free from sin, hell and death.  However, we shouldn’t take our salvation for granted, thinking that we can now do whatever we want.  Instead, we are to “live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God” (1 Peter 2:16).  Happy 4th of July!

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