Powerpoint for Minor Prophets Series

Some have asked for handouts or the Powerpoint for our Sunday morning Bible study.  Here is a combined lesson for the first two studies which includes last week’s study (Introduction) and tomorrow’s lesson (Obadiah).  I have culled through various presentations, pictures, charts, maps, commentaries, and surveys to come up with what I hope is a logical and fun presentation.  Please feel free to print it out for class or just use your tablet/phone to follow along.

An Introduction to the Minor Prophets and Obadiah

Minor Prophets and Obadiah (old ppt format)

Sermon outline from March 4th — now online and on the radio this Sunday!

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare
Luke 22:31-34; Matthew 26:31-35

I) God is in ______________

II) But He does allow us to be _______________

…..A) The world encourages us to ________

…..B) ________ encourages us to sin

…..C) We struggle against _____!

…..D) _________ may be our greatest enemy

III) What can help us when we are _____________?

…..A) We should put on the __________ of God

…..B) Remember that God has a _____________

IV) Even when we fail, we can be _____________!

…..A) God is waiting for us to ___________

…..B) We shouldn’t blame God for our ______________