Sermon outline for 4/25/21 (radio broadcast 5/2/21) — “Becoming Children of God!”

Becoming Children of God 
Galatians 3:26-29

I) We are saved through _________!

II) We are now “______ Christ Jesus!”

III) ______________ is a sign of our belief!

IV) We are now ______________ of God!

V) We have put off immaturity for _____________!

VI) Believers are all _____________ now!

     A) What this does ________ say:

          1) It does not say there are no differences between the

          2) It does not say that there are no differences in
             _________ in society, marriage, or the church

     B) What this __________ say:

          1) It emphasizes _______________

          2) It emphasizes “unity in diversity” through the 

          3) It is a reminder of the essential _____________ of 
             God that underlies mankind

          4) It is a reminder that the ____________ should lead 
             the way in treating all people with dignity and 

          5) And the _____________ becomes our model for how we 
             experience unity regardless of role, gender, or 

VII) Believers, both Jew and Gentile, are the true heirs to God’s ___________ to Abraham

     A) Promise was fulfilled in ____________

     B) It _____________ to us because we are “in Christ”

Sermon outline for 3/28/21 (Radio broadcast 4/4/21)

Faith Alone
Galatians 3:6-14

I) The Law is all About _______________

II) We Can’t be Made ________________ by the Works of the Law, Because we Can’t Keep All of It!

III) Christ Redeems us From the __________ of the Law

IV) The Righteous Were Always Made Righteous by _________

V) _______________ Became Righteous by Faith

VI) We are Abraham’s Spiritual Children if we _______________

VII) God Promised the Blessing of __________________ to All Who Believe

VIII) Those who Believe Receive the Promised Blessing of the ___________

IX) ______________ Considerations

     A) The importance of the substitutionary _________________

     B) ____________ is enough! 

          1) ___________ can never save

          2) In fact, it was all about __________ even in the 
             Old Testament

     C) We are all ___________ if we believe! (God’s people)

     D) The ____________ is a present reality within believers

Sermon Outline for Luke 19:28-44

 The Atriumphal Entry
 Luke 19:28-44
 I) Jesus Once Again Reveals His ____________
 II) He came for a sacred ______________
 III) His choice of animal was ____________
      A) Not a military ____________
      B) There was a ____________
      C) It was a fulfillment of _____________
 IV) His Disciples Recognize His ______________
      A) They quote from _________ 118:26
      B) It was well __________
      C) But they made an _____________ change
      D) It may also be _____________
      E) They recognize His relationship with the ___________
      F) They spoke _________ than they knew
 V) The ____________ Object!
      A) They ask __________ to shut His disciples up
      B) Jesus makes an ________________ claim!
      C) Which affirms his ______________!
 VI) Jesus ____________ Over the Hardness of People’s Hearts
      A) God ____________ their hardness to continue

      B) ______________ is coming
      C) And it could have been ______________
 VII) The Fate Of Jerusalem Prefigures the ______________ of Unbelievers
      A) _________________
      B) _________________
      C) _________________