“The Call to Wise Living”
Ephesians 5:15-21

I)  We need to live wisely because we are racing against the _____________

     A) We are to “______ up the time”

     B) Because the ________ is approaching

     C) And people so easily ________________

     D) So we need to live as ______________ as possible

II) Wise living means paying attention to ________ Word

     A) How do we know the _______ of God?

     B) Through the ___________!

III) Wise living means being _____________ by the Spirit

     A) __________ = controlled

     B) It’s a ______________

     C) It’s a _____________ process

     D) It’s different from the “____________” of the Spirit

     E) How do we display being ___________?

          1) By encouraging each other through 

          2) By expressing __________________

          3) By ______________ to one another

               a) In our general _____________

               b) By our willingness to ______________

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