“Walking in the Light”
Ephesians 5:8-14

I)  We were ___________

II) We are now ____________

     A) __________ is light

     B) The ____________ brings light

     C) The ____________ gives us light

     D) Our essential nature is ___________

III)  Which changes the way we ___________

IV)  We are to be like _________!

     A) God is good, righteous, and __________

     B) So we are to do ___________

     C) We are to be ___________

     D) And we are to live with _______________

V) Which requires some _________________

     A) The _________ does show us how to live

     B) But sometimes we need ________________!

     C) And we need to be careful with 

VI) Discernment can lead to __________________

     A) We are talking about _____________

     B) We are called to __________ sinful behavior

     C) We do it to be ___________, not hurtful

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