Made Alive for a Purpose!
Ephesians 2:1-10

I) We were ________________!

     A) We were _________ in trespasses and sin

          1) Dead to __________

          2) Dead to __________

          3) Dead people can’t ___________ themselves

     B) We followed the _____________

     C) We followed _____________

     D) We followed _____________

     E) We were under ___________________

     F) This is the way the _____________ world is

II) We are now truly ________________!

     A) God ______________ for us

     B) He makes us _____________

     C) He makes us ______________

     D) It’s all because of His ______________

     E) There is _______________ we can do to earn it 

     F) It’s a _____________

     G) And we become examples of God’s _____________ forever

III) And we can now _________ for God

     A) God _______________ us through His Spirit

     B) And we can now do good ___________

     C) __________ are they?

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