Revelation 5

Not only do we praise and worship God the Father, but we praise and worship God the Son! There is a scroll that has been sealed. What is the scroll? Is it the “book of life” that we see in Revelation 20? Or is it a last will and testament that details our inheritance? It’s sealed by seven seals. Seven is the number of completion or perfection, perhaps indicating the complete truthfulness of the testimony. It could also mean that the scroll was sealed by the Holy Spirit, previously identified by seven spirits or seven flames before the throne. No-one can open the scroll, except Jesus! He is the one who died for those who are named on the scroll! He is the one who obtained the inheritance for those on the scroll! He is the foretold Messiah, the lion of the tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:9-10). He is the Passover lamb, slain for our sin (Exodus 12:1-28). He is worthy to open the scroll, and He is worthy to be praised! Those who are His form an innumerable throng of worshippers from every tribe, language, people, and nation.

Can you read this passage of Scripture and not praise Him?!?!?!?

For worship:

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