Intercessory Prayer!
Ephesians 1:15-23

I) Be a reason for others to give ____________

     A) Because of our ___________ in the Lord

     B) Because of our ________ for the saints

II) Be the type of person who prays and give thanks for ____________

III) We need to pray for the _____________, not just the physical in other people’s lives

     A) Pray for them to have a deeper 
        understanding of ____________

     B) Pray for them to experience the 
        ________ that comes from knowing Him

     C) Pray for them to understand the 
        _________ He has for them

     D) Pray for them to realize the __________ 
        of God at work in them

IV) _______ can we know that God has the power to do all of this?

     A) He ___________ Jesus from the dead

     B) He ___________ Him at the right hand

     C) He put all things in ___________ to Him

     D) He made Him the head of the ___________

V) Praying for others is one way we represent _________ in the world

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