1 John 5:4-5:21

Some final thoughts as John closes out his letter:

  • Our faith in Christ is what enables us to love and obey.
  • The water and the blood testify to Jesus. What does that mean? John has previously referred to those who don’t believe that Jesus came in the flesh. Some also believed that Jesus didn’t really die. The water and the blood could refer to the spear thrust into Jesus’ side after He died (John 19:34). The point is this: Jesus really came to earth as a human being and really died for us. Why would that be a big problem for people, even today? Underlying all of what John says here is the idea that Jesus is God (5:20). How could He be born? How could He be human? How could He die?!?!?! But He did, and it was all necessary so that we could be forgiven!
  • The Spirit testifies to us about the truth of Jesus as well, and as important as the testimony of man is, the testimony of God is greater. It is that testimony that is inside us and convinces us that Jesus is the Son of God and that we have life in Him!
  • John’s whole point in writing is to encourage us to be confident in our belief.
  • And our confidence assures us that when we pray according to His will, we will receive what we ask for. I don’t believe the emphasis here is on things at all. The whole Bible shows us what God’s will is. If we pray for that, then we’ll have success in our prayers.
  • We should even pray for fellow Christians who have fallen into sin to repent and be forgiven. What does he mean when he warns about praying for those whose sin could result in death? In his letter he warns about those who don’t believe the truth about Jesus and the incarnation. They are doctrinally unsound. He doesn’t tell us specifically to not pray for them, but the implication is that it’s useless (Hebrews 6:1-8). We should spend our time praying for those who still have hope of restoration, whose sin doesn’t lead to death.
  • If we know Jesus we know God, we have the Spirit, we have the ability to follow, we have the ability to resist sin, and we have been protected from Satan. Woot, woot! With all that going for us, we should be able to resist anything that may seek to be an idol in our lives. As God’s children, we need to put our heavenly Father first in all things.

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