2 Peter 3

Even though Peter has been warning us about false teachers, there is another danger out there. The prophets and apostles taught about the second coming. However, we should be aware that scoffers will come who will deny that Jesus Christ is coming back. But that isn’t all they deny! They also deny the fact of creation, and they deny God’s judgment through the flood. Unfortunately, they will end up experiencing God’s judgment in the future. And even though Jesus hasn’t come back yet, there is a reason. He is delaying His coming so that more can come to know Him before the time of final judgment. Our job is to live peaceful and holy lives, to grow in grace and knowledge, and to not be led astray as we eagerly wait for the coming of the new heavens and the new earth!

Some additional notes:

  • While it may sound strange, the language used here regarding creation closely parallels Genesis 1:6-10.
  • And we’re reminded that God created all things by His Word! As we read in Genesis, “God said, ‘Let there be light'” (3:3). Isn’t it incredible that we have God’s Word written down for us? Do we give it the respect it deserves? Do we recognize the power it contains?
  • Peter treats the worldwide flood as a literal event (Genesis 6-8).
  • There are many days of the Lord. The “day of the Lord” refers to God intervening in human history during a time of judgment.
  • Peter uses apocalyptic language here, and apocalyptic language is very intense and descriptive when conveying concepts, without necessarily being strictly literal (for example, the moon isn’t literally turned to blood before the day of the Lord, as predicted in Joel 2:31 and quoted in Acts 2:20). That’s why some look for a fundamental transformation of the universe rather than complete destruction.
  • Peter recognizes Paul’s letters as Scripture here. That’s pretty incredible!
  • And, while I can sympathize with Peter’s viewpoint of Paul’s letters, some of Peter’s words have been hard to understand too!

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