1 Peter 5

Elders, pastors, and leaders need to behave in a certain way if they expect a special reward when Jesus returns:

  • They must care for and guide God’s people.
  • They must lead willingly and not grudgingly.
  • They must not be greedy.
  • They must be humble.
  • They must endeavor to be good examples.

And they deserve respect and obedience from those who are younger in the congregation. This respect is an act of humility, which we are all supposed to show towards one another anyway! We also show our humility by being willing to bring our burdens to God in prayer so that He can shoulder them. He cares for us! In addition to humility, we need to make sure that we are serious and watchful, because the devil is out there trying to get us to sin. He even uses our suffering to tempt us, but we can resist, knowing that what we are experiencing is no different than what others have endured. We can make it if they did! Thankfully our suffering is temporary, and God will restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish us. To Him belongs the power forever. Amen!

Peter ends the letter the way he starts it, with grace and peace.

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