1 Peter 1

Peter encourages us to endure through persecution. What we’re experiencing now is for a purpose and we can look forward to greater glory in the future!

  • God saves us through Jesus Christ and gives us an eternal inheritance.
  • Our salvation should bring us joy even in the midst of suffering.
  • God uses suffering to achieve His purpose in our lives.
  • So, even though we experience suffering, we can rejoice in it.
  • Although we are saved now, we won’t experience the full effects until Jesus returns.
  • And we look forward to rewards and an inheritance that are yet to come!
  • It was foretold by the Spirit through the prophets.
  • The prophets wrote it down for us, and this Word communicates God’s truth and salvation to us. His Word is eternal, living, and true.
  • When the prophets wrote under inspiration, they had to search their own writings to try to figure out what God was doing.
  • How should we respond to all that God has done for us? We need to be holy and obedient, and we need to love one another.

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