James 5

(1-6) James indicts the rich for living luxuriously and taking advantage of and murdering the righteous.

(7-12) He goes on to state that, if they are experiencing suffering at the hands of the rich, they shouldn’t allow their suffering to ruin their relationships with other believers. They shouldn’t grumble against each other or make stupid oaths. They need to be honest and true in their dealings with others. They also need to trust in the Lord! He is the judge, and the unrighteous will be punished. As the righteous, they need to be patient and endure.

(13-20) No matter what they are experiencing (good or bad) they need to turn to God. Prayer is powerful! God can heal, God will forgive, and they should be willing to lean on the community of faith when they need help. And, as a community, they need to be willing to challenge those who are wandering from the faith. Such action is done out of love, to help the person avoid issues, problems, sickness, sin, and even death!

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