James 3

A true believer recognizes that controlling their speech is vital. In fact, it’s a symbol of control in the rest of life! And it goes beyond not saying evil or nasty things. It even goes beyond gossip and innuendo. We are to use our speech to teach true and right things, and the wisdom that comes from above (the Bible and the Spirit) will guide us. When we think too highly of ourselves, or think too little of other people, we will boast or tell lies because we are allowing our speech to be guided by the earthly and demonic. Speech guided by true wisdom is pure, peaceable, gentle, accommodating, merciful, impartial, not hypocritical, and brings forth good fruit. Verse 18 is a great guide for life as well as speech: “And the fruit that consists of righteousness is planted in peace among those who make peace.” In other words, we reap righteousness when we speak and teach in a climate of peace. Condemning words for the culture we find ourselves in today!

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