James 1

James is writing to the 12 tribes scattered abroad. His words are generic so they can easily be applied to all believers, even those who don’t have a Jewish background!

(1-8) Bad stuff happens to everyone. We need to persevere, recognizing that God is allowing it to happen for a purpose. We mature in the midst of trials. And if we’re struggling in our understanding, maybe even wondering why it’s happening or confused about the good that’s coming out of it, we should ask God for wisdom. God has promised that He will give us guidance through His Spirit, and we shouldn’t doubt that He will help us.

(9-11) Worldly goods aren’t what is important. Our relationship with God is what is important. We should treasure that!

(12-18) Persevering through trials and troubles (even poverty from persecution) should bring us joy. And if we fail, if we allow the test to lead us into sin of one sort or another, we can’t blame God. We have allowed ourselves to be carried away by our own sinful desires, and sin ultimately destroys! It’s not God’s fault that he allowed us to be tested to help us to mature and we ended up failing miserably. God is the author of good and perfect gifts. He always has been and always will be!

(19-27) We live out the message by holding our beliefs and behaviors up to the Bible and allowing it to correct us when we are wrong. How should we live? We are taught to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. We are reminded that we need to put away lusts and evil desires, and that there is a vital need for us to control our tongues. Finally, true religion is described as being kind and compassionate to the needy, and not allowing ourselves to be influenced by the world. In fact, we are the ones who are supposed to be influencing it!

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