Hebrews 13

There are some interesting tidbits in the final exhortations here:

  • Brotherly love and care are important. Do good and share with others.
  • Be hospitable to all. You never know who you might be entertaining.
  • Remember those who are suffering for their faith.
  • Sexual morality is very important to God. Marriage is very important to God.
  • Greed is a way of saying you don’t believe God will take care of you.
  • We should take care of and listen to the leaders in the church. They are not only our teachers, they are also our examples.
  • Jesus Christ is the same always, so the truth of God is the same always! Beware false teaching, especially those trying to enforce Old Testament regulations for salvation. We “eat” from a better altar. It’s about grace!
  • We can expect to be abused for following Jesus, but that’s ok. This is not our home! We seek the city that is to come.
  • We should praise and acknowledge God because of all that we have been given through Jesus.
  • We should pray that those who minister in/for the church will be holy and righteous.
  • We should also pray that all believers will be equipped “with every good thing to do His will.”

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