Hebrews 11:23-40

The examples of faith in chapter 11 are like a who’s who of the Old Testament. Abel. Enoch. Noah. Abraham. Sarah. Isaac. Jacob. Joseph. Joshua. Rahab. Even more! And beyond that, those who didn’t conquer kingdoms, escape the sword, put armies to flight, or receive the dead back to life. Those who were poor, ill-treated, tortured, and murdered. You see, we don’t just exhibit faith because of what we get out of it. We are faithful because we trust and believe. We are faithful because of the promise of what is ahead. All of these Old Testament saints were looking ahead to a promise in the future. They were willing to give their all because they knew a heavenly home was waiting for them. They are our example, even though it’s a little different for us. We know Jesus, so we receive a portion of that promise when we believe! However, we are still waiting for the full realization of that promise in the future. We are citizens of the kingdom, but we haven’t fully entered that kingdom yet. That makes the words here in Hebrews 11 even more important. They show us that experiencing suffering in this life is still a reality. It’s not all roses and daffodils, blessing and victory. The full kingdom isn’t here yet! And if we do suffer for the kingdom, we should see it as an honor. Moses is our example here. He was looking forward to the promise, but still experienced suffering. And, in a real sense, all suffering experienced for being Godly can be seen as suffering for Christ: “He regarded abuse suffered for Christ to be greater wealth than the treasures of Egypt, for his eyes were fixed on the reward” (11:26). We need to keep our eyes on the reward as well!

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