Praise Him!
Ephesians 1:3-14 (3)

I) Paul _____________ God for what He has done for us

     A) He has blessed us with every _____________ blessing

     B) He __________ and predestined us

     C) He forgave our ________ and revealed His plan to us

     D) He sealed us with His ____________

II) Paul’s praise is a little _________________

     A) Because of it’s _____________

     B) Because of it’s _____________

          1) He only does this here and in _________________

          2) He normally has a _______________

          3)  And a ________________

III) But this is not unusual in the _______________

	Luke 1:67-79; Psalm 145

IV) What does this _____________ us?

     A) What God has done for us is ___________________! 

     B) We show our appreciation through _____________

     C) And it’s ok to go a little _______________!

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