Hebrews 8

We are so tied to this life and this earth, but is there something else that is eternal and true? Is it possible that what we experience here is only a shadow of reality, and our true reality has more to do with the spiritual? Perhaps the Jewish sanctuary teaches us an important lesson, because it is a sketch of the true sanctuary in heaven. Jesus entered that heavenly sanctuary to offer himself as the sacrifice for sins. He has a superior ministry over a better covenant with better promises, just as was promised:

Jeremiah 31:31-34 “‘Indeed, a time is coming,’ says the LORD, ‘when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and Judah. It will not be like the old covenant that I made with their ancestors when I delivered them from Egypt. For they violated that covenant, even though I was like a faithful husband to them,’ says the LORD. ‘But I will make a new covenant with the whole nation of Israel after I plant them back in the land,’ says the LORD. ‘I will put my law within them and write it on their hearts and minds. I will be their God and they will be my people. People will no longer need to teach their neighbors and relatives to know me. For all of them, from the least important to the most important, will know me,’ says the LORD. ‘For I will forgive their sin and will no longer call to mind the wrong they have done.'”

Praise God because we have a better covenant, a better high priest, and better home waiting for us!

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