Hebrews 7

Using Melchizedek, the author of Hebrews shows that Jesus’ priesthood is superior to that of the Leviticus priesthood.

  • Melchizedek was a superior priest. Since Abraham paid a tithe to him, it was like the entire Levitical priesthood paid tithes to him. Since he just appears (Genesis 14:18-20), he has no beginning, no end, and no genealogy. He was both a king of righteousness and peace, as well as a priest. That makes him a foreshadowing (type) of the coming eternal priest-king, Jesus, and explains the use of Psalm 110:4 (“you are a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek”).
  • Jesus is from a different tribe than the priests. He is from the tribe of Judah.
  • Jesus is the author of a “better covenant!” The Levitical priesthood was temporary, because the law and sacrifices were temporary. They couldn’t bring perfection.
  • Jesus doesn’t offer up the blood of bulls and goats for sacrifices, but offers up Himself.
  • He can do this because He is holy, innocent, undefiled, and sinless.
  • And His sacrifice is “once for all.” It doesn’t have to be repeated.
  • He is the perfect, exalted Son, forever!

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