Titus 2

Paul reminds Titus that he has the authority to challenge those in the church, and Paul’s ethical lists remind us that there are some things that are universal regardless of gender or age:

  • We should exhibit self-control in general.
  • But we should specifically exhibit self-control in drinking.
  • And with our speech.
  • We also need to love.
  • We need to be honest.
  • We need to keep the faith.
  • Our good example will have a profound impact in our homes (especially with unsaved spouses), as well as in society at large (as we see with slaves and masters).

All of this is made possible because of the grace and salvation that we have experienced through Jesus Christ, who “gave Himself for us to set us free from every kind of lawlessness and to purify for himself a people who are truly His.” We live differently now because we are living for Him!

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