2 Timothy 3

We have some life lessons here from Paul’s words to Timothy:

  • In one sense the last days started with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. All generations have looked at Paul’s words here and seen the truth of them in their day and age. They ring especially true today: “they will maintain an outward appearance of religion.” So many are so convinced of their understanding that it has become a faith for them, whether it be about the environment, sexuality, or politics. Hopefully that’s a sign that Jesus is going to return soon!
  • There is a fine line between trying to witness to people and being badly influenced by them. We are reminded here that there are a lot of people that we should stay away from: “avoid people like these.
  • If you actually believe in two sexes (!), you realize that there are differences between them. A woman’s capacity for caring, compassion, and understanding, can make her susceptible to less scrupulous characters. We see it all the time with women who are abused and in bad relationships. I believe that is the basis for Paul’s arguments here. But there is hope, because…
  • Those who deceive will eventually be unmasked. Jannes and Jambres are the names given to the magicians who opposed Moses (Exodus 7:8-13), but they were eventually shown to be charletans.
  • We should pay attention to what is going on in the world around us, because the faithfulness of those being persecuted for their beliefs will help us to remain faithful.
  • We need to continue to resist false teaching, and it all comes back to Scripture. We wouldn’t understand salvation without them, so we can trust them to guide us in all other areas related to living for God!

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