Facing Persecution
Ephesians 1:1-2
Acts 19:23-41

I) We change when we become __________

     A) Christians are called “____ ________”

     B) Certainly because of their ____________

     C) Possibly because of their ______________

II) Our beliefs and behavior can __________ people

     A) It affects _____________

     B) It affects _____________

     C) It affects _____________

III) And that can lead to ________________

     A) A ______ forms

     B) Believers are _______________

     C) But there is a lot of _______________

IV) How should we _____________ to persecution?

     A) Sometimes Paul _____________ it

     B) Sometimes Paul _____________ it

     C) Paul is ____________ by the Spirit’s work

V) ________________ should be helpful during persecution

     A) Here a city clerk restores ____________

     B) Government is supposed to promote ____________

     C) We should _______ it when we can

     D) And be ______________ when we can’t

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