1 Timothy 2

Paul gives us some important instructions regarding prayer, witnessing, and behavior:

  • We are to pray for everyone!
  • But we should especially pray for those in authority.
  • Praying for those in authority has an unexpected result. It reminds us of our God given responsibility to live peaceful and quiet lives, in all godliness and dignity.
  • And this has a bearing on our witnessing. People will be attracted to God by the way we live.
  • God desires all people to know Him and come to a knowledge of the truth. And that truth is that Jesus Christ paid the debt we owed to God so that we could be saved! Paul is privileged to carry that message to the Gentiles.
  • Paul goes on to detail the type of behavior that we should have, focusing on women (perhaps because of a particular problem in the congregation).
  • But Paul’s initial worlds are instructive to all of us. We should all be modest, humble, and we need to focus on doing good.
  • Paul indicates men should be the primary teachers in the church, based on the fall.
  • He then shows that women have a different, yet very important calling. Although men can provide leadership and discipline (of children), they can’t be at home all the time. Women are to be the main caregivers, being examples of faith, love, holiness, and self-control.

That last point is instructive, based upon the way our society is now. Homes are broken, and it’s even hard for families with intact marriages to make it on one income. Sacrifices have to be made. But the most concerning thing is that our culture often treats motherhood as something that isn’t a worthy calling. God shows us here that it’s vital and necessary for women to see the family as a ministry that has been entrusted to them, however that works itself out in our culture today.

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