1 Timothy 1

(1-7) Paul adds peace to his customary greeting here. Grace, mercy and peace all remind us of how much we have to thank God for regarding our salvation! Paul is writing to his protege in ministry, Timothy. He urged him to stay on in Ephesus to protect the church against false teaching, myths, and genealogies. They should instead be focusing on love and sincere faith. They want to be teachers, but they aren’t ready!

(8-11) If they truly understood the law, they would realize that the purpose of the law is to convict. Paul’s ministry is based on bringing the “glorious gospel” to those under sin!

(12-17) Paul recounts the grace of God that called him into ministry! He repeats what is apparently an early confession in the church: “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” Paul considers himself the chief of sinners because of his history. If he can be saved, anyone can be saved!

(18-20) We have a minister’s job description here. Ministers are to fight the good fight by holding firmly to the faith and having integrity. Anything else invites rebuke.

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