2 Thessalonians 2

Here we see the reason for the letter: some in the church had been deceived into thinking that it was time for Jesus’ return! Paul reminds them of his prior teaching regarding the rapture and the second coming, and we gain some insight that is still important for us today:

  • There will be a rebellion first.
  • Then the “man of lawlessness” (or “the son of destruction“) will be revealed.
  • He will exalt himself as the highest being in the universe and will perform signs and wonders that will deceive non-believers.
  • The “hidden power of lawlessness” is allowed to work behind the scenes now, but the “man of lawlessness” not be revealed until the Spirit allows it and the time is right.
  • Believers have been chosen by God. We are growing in our faith (sanctification) and will one day be like Christ (glorification). That’s why we can stand firm in our faith and resist the man of lawlessness.
  • God loves us and gives us comfort and hope. We should pray for each other that we will be encouraged by that truth and strengthened to reflect our faith in everything we do and say.
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