“Spiritual Maturity”
Ephesians 1:1-2
Acts 19:11-20

I) ___________ is Paul writing to?

     A) The church in ______________

     B) He spent _____________ years there

     C) Founded on his _____________ journey

II) What were the _____________ in Ephesus like?

     A) ______________

     B) ______________

     C) Which explains _________ God works through Paul

          1) Paul is an _________________

          2) He does the “____________ of an apostle”

          3) But God does something _____________ here

III) The people are shown the extraordinary ___________ of God

     A) Through the ______________

     B) Through a ______________ exorcism

IV) The people begin to ____________ the name of Jesus

V) The _________________ are convicted by the power of God

VI) The Christians give up their _______________ beliefs

VII)  Spiritual _____________ is a journey

     A) Shown by Paul’s _____________

     B) Revealed in other parts of the _____________

     C) Shown in our own ___________

          1) In our ___________

          2) By our ___________

VIII) The ____________ can have highs and lows

IX) But it will continue until ___________ returns

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