1 Thessalonians 4

(1-8) Sexual purity is important to God, and we should seek to please God by not engaging in sexual immorality. Sexual immorality is also a way that we violate our brothers and sisters (6). It’s not usually a sin we engage in by ourselves.

(9-12) We should please God by our love for others. One surprising way we do this is by living quiet lives, attending to our own business, and working. By doing this we don’t become a burden to others, thereby showing our love.

(13-18) The church didn’t have time to hear all of Paul’s teaching because of the opposition there, so he comforts them concerning those who have died. We will see our loved ones who died in the Lord again! In fact, they will be coming back with Him when He returns. Some people don’t like the term “rapture” because it’s a Latin term that they say isn’t in the Bible. However, “rapture” means “to be caught up,” which is certainly Biblical (17). The idea of the rapture shouldn’t be in doubt, even though the timing of it may be debatable! When the Lord comes back the entire church will be gathered to Him and we will be with Him forever. What an encouragement!

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