Ephesians 6

There are some important life lessons in this passage:

  • Obeying our parents is mandatory when we are younger. Honoring our parents continues no matter what our age is.
  • Bringing up children with discipline and instruction is vital. So is not being harsh and overbearing.
  • The words to slaves and masters teach us that God is watching all the time. Are we trying to please Him with what we do?
  • We are in a spiritual war, and there are actual evil forces opposing us in the world.
  • But don’t fear! God strengthens us and gives us everything we need to succeed in the Christian faith. But we need to make use of what He has given to us.
  • Just like a soldier puts on his uniform each and every day, so we need to clothe ourselves with the Word of God (truth), proper behavior (righteousness), the gospel (the good news of peace), and trust (faith).
  • Because of this ongoing war, we need to pray for other believers. We should also make sure that we are praying for those who are missionaries and teachers.

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