Ephesians 3

(1-13) God’s chosen people have expanded to include Gentiles! He picked Paul to be His emissary, even though Paul is the “least of all the saints” (because of His persecution of the church). The church is now the example of His glory and grace, and even the angels are amazed. God knew what He was going to do before He even created mankind, and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ not only saves us but gives us access to God. The church shouldn’t worry about Paul, because He has been blessed with the same promises, and his suffering has a purpose.

(14-21) All can now come to God in Christ. Paul’s prayer for the saints is that they will: (a) be strengthened, (b) continue in faith, (c) and know the love of Christ, (d) so that they can be filled with the fullness of God! Since they have been “rooted and grounded in love” (probably a reference to the Spirit’s revelatory and indwelling ministry), all of this (and more!) is possible. And as they mature, they will experience the direction of the Spirit even more fully. To God be the glory!

Have you ever had anyone try to use verse 20 to justify asking God for material or physical blessings? The promise here is that God will do more than we ask or think regarding strength, faith, love, and the Spirit. It’s all about our spiritual maturity, not earthly matters.

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