Galatians 6

(1-5) The church is supposed to be a caring community, but that doesn’t mean ignoring sin. It does, however, have everything to do with our attitude in confronting sin! We fulfill “the law of Christ” by displaying the same love towards each other that Jesus showed to us by dying on the cross for our sins. And we shouldn’t think that we are better than others, perhaps only because we are comparing ourselves to those who are caught up in sin! We are to examine ourselves, because we are responsible for our own lives.

(6-10) We are to share with our teachers because that shows both our gratitude and our generosity. Being inconsiderate and selfish will bring trouble in our lives, but living by the Spirit will bring benefits when we enter into eternal life (seen as starting when our physical life is over)! We should always try to be good to all, but we need to especially remember those who are a part of the family of faith.”

(11-18) Paul takes over from the scribe to “sign” the letter. His final words are a warning against the legalists. One of the motives for their false teaching is fear – they don’t want to be persecuted by the Jews! They are hypocrites because, even though they insist on circumcision, they aren’t keeping the whole law. Paul’s boast is always about the sufficiency of Christ and the significance of the cross. The cross unites Jew and Gentile in faith! The cross brings about a change in our natures through the Spirit! The cross enables us to persevere and endure during suffering! And Paul ends the letter the way he started it – with grace!

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