2 Corinthians 13

Paul makes a final appeal to the Corinthians. Some were saying that he was too weak, too soft, and spoke without power when in person. He warns them to be careful what they wish for! They need to fix their problems before he gets there, or he will not be weak, soft, or powerless when he speaks to them. But even then, the power won’t be his, it will come from God who lives in him – that same power that raised Jesus from the dead! And that power is in them as well, if they are truly Christ’s. They need to examine themselves, not for Paul’s sake but for their own, and correct the wrongs in their lives and in the church. He is hoping that he won’t have to be harsh with them when he comes, and his final list of instructions shows them the way forward (11):

  • They should rejoice that they have the opportunity to set things right.
  • They need to repent of their wrong.
  • Which means that they will experience encouragement from Paul’s ministry.
  • Because they will have united, confronting the “super-apostles” and supporting Paul.
  • Then they will then be at peace, because God’s love and peace will be with them.

Two quick notes: (1) Do we examine ourselves regularly to make sure that we are following God the way we should, and (2) did you catch, “he was crucified by reason of weakness, but He lives because of God’s power“? What an amazing description of the reality of our sinfulness and the awesome might of the God who saves us!

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