“Being an Influencer”
Esther 8:1-17

I) ________________ leadership is an ongoing problem

     A) Government is meant to be ___________

     B) But it is corrupted by _______

     C) Xerxes is _____________

     D) Xerxes is _____________

II) Esther is an example of how we can _____________ society

     A) Some see Esther as __________

     B) But Esther is _________

          1) She is _______________

          2) She uses what is at her ___________

          3) She appeals to the kings ______________

          4) She realizes that ________ is at work

     C) She teaches us that we need to be __________ and

III) Our influence should be ____________

     A) The Jews are given the power to ___________ 

     B) People notice the ____________

     C) But do their hearts really ____________?

     D) We can’t know peoples ___________

     E) But we can continue to _____________!

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