2 Corinthians 11:1-15

Paul is about to challenge the Corinthians about the false teachers in their midst. He considers himself their father, and they are his daughter (the Greek word for “church” is feminine). He wants to present them as a perfect and holy bride for Christ. Unfortunately, some of them are being corrupted by false teaching. The passage presents several characteristics of false teachers that serve as a warning for us in our own day and age:

  • They are arrogant. They consider themselves to be “super apostles” (5). They consider eloquence of speech to be superior to knowledge (6).
  • They are greedy. They belittle Paul for not charging for his teaching (7). Paul makes it clear that he is being supported by other churches (8), but he won’t accept money from them because he wants to be differentiated from the false teachers (12).
  • They are deceitful and deceptive. They are like the serpent in the garden (3) who questioned God’s provision and the truth of His Word. They preach a false Christ and a false gospel through a false spirit (4). They disguise themselves as “servants of righteousness” (15) and “apostles of Christ” (13), when they are anything but.
  • They are evil. They are like Satan, who “disguises himself as an angel of light” (14).

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