2 Corinthians 10

Paul (and his companions) are being personally attacked and ridiculed. Some say that, although he has been forceful in his letters, he has a weak personality in person. Paul warns them to be careful what they ask for! He will defend himself if he has to! His opponents are concerned about outward appearances and human standards. If Paul boasts it is because of his spiritual authority, which he has because he is the one who started the church! He has the right to confront and correct because he brought them the gospel! In fact, his ministry is such that he will bring the gospel to new areas, instead of interfering in other places where churches have been planted!

How often have we seen this happen in other churches? Someone comes in from the outside and confronts those who hold legitimate spiritual authority in the church, all because they want power and recognition. And most of the time it’s not even about spiritual matters, but matters of personality and “human standards.” If we ever do challenge the leadership in our churches, we’d better make sure that we’re doing it for the right reasons.

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