2 Corinthians 8

The next two chapters deal with the collection of money for poor Christians in Jerusalem (1 Corinthians 16:1-3). As we step through todays reading, see what insights you can apply to your own giving!

  • The churches in Macedonia have responded to the need of the Jerusalem saints in a sacrificial way (1-3).
  • They responded freely (3).
  • They saw it as a way of fellowship and ministry to others (4).
  • Their material sacrifice was exceeded by their spiritual sacrifice in rededicating themselves to the Lord and to Paul’s ministry (5). Their rededication to Paul may have had a financial component as well (Philippians 4:10-18).
  • Titus was on his way to the Corinthian church. Paul encouraged them to abound in their generosity just as they excelled in other areas (6-7).
  • Once again, the freewill nature of the offering is stressed (8). Their giving is an expression of their love.
  • Jesus left heaven and lived as a man so that we could be redeemed. We, who were lost in sin, are saved through Him (9). Isn’t that a reason to show grace to others in a practical way? They need to remember the grace that they have been shown!
  • Since they pledged to give they need to give. They must follow through. But it needs to be willing, and it needs to be realistic (10-12). Is pledging what we don’t have testing God?
  • We have a responsibility towards each other. If we have been blessed, we should help those who have not been as blessed. That is the fairness Paul is calling the Corinthians to (13-15). They will still have what they need (Exodus 16:18).
  • When Titus comes to collect the offering, he is not coming alone. A trusted associate is coming with him who has been chosen by the churches. This is to protect the integrity of the offering, as well as the integrity of Titus! They want to make sure that everything is correct and above board both before the Lord and before men (16-23).
  • Paul again encourages the Corinthians to show their love and fulfill his pride in them (24)!

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